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Dec 23

I7100 Android 4.1 4″ LCD WIFI Camera GSM Dual SIM Bluetooth Phone Smartphone


The benefits of owning an Android phone? Obviously. Tons of free apps. Google operating system. Entertainment, communication, and even navigation. But why buy this particular Android smartphone? Price, performance, and pretty well everything you need for personal productivity. So you can be the best you can be. Get yours today! – See more at: http://www.eachbuyer.com/i7100-android-4-1-4-lcd-wifi-camera-gsm-dual-sim-bluetooth-phone-smartphone-p35171.html#sthash.Jv8nfqK2.dpuf

Sep 20

How Apple changed the world again?


Apple’s new iPhone 5s is set to go on sale this Friday, Sept. 20, and the phone is already generating a lot of buzz. The 5s is the more advanced of two new Apple iPhones, and offers a lot of technical advantages over the iPhone 5c also launching the same day. It’s not just what’s next. But …

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