Feb 19

Pro 15 Color Face Makeup Corrector Palette

Hide various skin defects using different colors with our cheap EachBuyer Make-up Corrector Palette

1. Skin color is a universal color;
2 . Yellow – masks well dark circles under the eyes ;
3 . Green -hides broken red capillaries, red pimples;
4 . Purple – good to mask age spots and freckles;
5 . Pink – enlivens the gray skin.

What brush do you use?
Your best choice is the flat brush made ​​of synthetic fiber. It is also possible to use your finger to apply corrector – specially under the eyes; without stretching!
Direct link on EB: http://www.eachbuyer.com/pro-15-color-face-concealer-camouflage-makeup-palette-p13627.html
FE UH cfvuE 300x146 Pro 15 Color Face Makeup Corrector Palette