Jul 01

Plant Grow Light LED

The latest LED Plant Grow Light have arrived to Eachbuyer.


What are the LED plant grow lights?

A plant grow light is an artificial light source which is designed to simulate plant growth by emitting light appropriate for photosynthesis. There are many kinds of grow lights including metal halide, fluorescent incandescent etc. But the LED plant grow light are the one that save more energy by far.

These LED lights allow production of bright and long-lasting grow lights that emit only the wavelengths of light corresponding to the absorption peaks of a plant’s typical photochemical processes. It is often published that for vegetative growth, the blue LED is preferred, where the light has a wavelength in the mid-400 nm. For growing fruits or flowers, a greater proportion of the red LED is considered preferable, with light very near 600-640 nm. Based on this feature, we can produce the LED plant grow light most suitable for your specific plant, by assembling LED chips of different spectrum into one bulb.

These LED ones for indoor plants are attractive because they do not require ballasts and produce considerably less heat than incandescent lights. It is easy to be installed in your house.


cu23 1 300x300  Plant Grow Light LED


  1. jack

    good led product

  2. Alfonso

    Sono stati da me acquistati parecchi prodotti su questo sito, i prodotti sono sempre di buona qualità. ad un ottimo prezzo, fornitore monto serio. consigliatissimo per acquisti.

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