Jan 13

Flower Blossom Pattern Removable Wall Sticker

Beautify your room with these elegant flower wall stickers right now!
Instruction for usage:
1. Clean up the surface where you want to put the sticker.
2. Tear the sticker off the body paper.
3. Put the sticker onto the place.
4. Press the whole sticker into the same level, if there’s any bubble inside.When the wall is wet due to some unexpected reasons, it might have bad influences on the sticker.
Note please: You need to make sure the surface is clean and dry before you stick it. Any greasy dirt or water will influence the perfection of the sticker. When this happens please dry the wall and the sticker with an air blower or simply stick it again when the wall is dry.

zr91 1 Flower Blossom Pattern Removable Wall Sticker