Sep 27

EachBuyer’s custumers choose Allwinner A13

351335196 300x179 EachBuyers custumers choose Allwinner A13

You want to know what is the most popular Tablet PC at Eachbuyer.com? Its “9” Android 4 Tablet PC Netbook MID 8GB A13 WIFI Allwinner A13 HDMI WIFI 1.2GHz”. First of all you will like 9 inch LCD Display.  It’s like a middle size between 7” and 10.1”. The inbuilt capacity of the Allwinner A13  is 4GB. It is expandable up to 32GB with a micro SD card.  Android 4.0 fully supports the Google Play Store and widgets. Perfect for students, business people, or even waiting for your kids to finish soccer practice. Open up to a new world of entertainment and communication freedom with this stunning and stylish Android pad today.