Sep 23

Cheapest 3G Tablet PC made in China

Does your iPad make calls? Well this tablet does. Easily. Just slip in a sim card and you’re good for hours and hours of talk to your spouse, significant other, boss or clients. Amazing phone functionality together with an Android device that allows true productivity and entertainment. Fast as lightning, with plenty of internal storage. Plus the ability to play your favorite downloaded audio and video formats. Android is Google’s mobile operating system in case you didn’t know, and that means you have access to the Google Play store and thousands of free apps to do everything you need done. Even when you’re looking for a lot of free games to get nothing done. Plenty of screen size, plenty of speed and memory, quality at a price that’s so affordable you’ll be able to buy one for every member of your family.


rx96 1 300x300 Cheapest 3G Tablet PC made in China