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Jun 11

Design your own Wedding Party


Self decoration of the wedding hall is quite possible. Please use our tips and result of your efforts will delight guests and bridal celebration. The room where the wedding will take place, should be festive and solemn.  You can design it with your own hands. 1. Using Eachbuyers Chair Cover you will make wedding hall …

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May 16

Best gift for Father’s Day


Relationships that bind us together with  parents , it is impossible to express in material things , because they do not require any proof of gratitude , love and respect . The best gift parents – happy, healthy and prosperous children , it is our moms and dads deserve great thanks, and also the most …

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Jan 13

Flower Blossom Pattern Removable Wall Sticker


Beautify your room with these elegant flower wall stickers right now! Instruction for usage: 1. Clean up the surface where you want to put the sticker. 2. Tear the sticker off the body paper. 3. Put the sticker onto the place. 4. Press the whole sticker into the same level, if there’s any bubble inside.When the wall is …

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Jan 08

Silver Organza Chair Cover for Wedding Party


If you are looking for some modern home accessories to organize  a western-style wedding or a little party for anniversaries, birthdays, receptions or other formal events, you can’t do it without these beautiful organza sashes. These little bows play an important role in enhance the beauty and add romantic atmosphere to your wedding or party.