Nov 08

Car Air Travel Blue Neck Cushion Rest Pillow

Life is stressful. Work, family, dating, divorcing, winning, losing, well you get the point. Like right now you’re probably stressing out about stressing too much. STOP! You gotta take a break sometimes. You got to relax. And this is the perfect way. Wrap this neck cushion support pillow around your neck while you work. While you’re waiting for the doctor to see you (even though your appointment was for 2 hours ago and there’s still 3 people ahead of you). While you’re sitting in the stands while Hanna is finishing her soccer practice. Notice that when you use it, you’re more cheery. Your shoulders aren’t bunched up as they usually are and your normal thoughts of punching everyone in the face, slowly dissipates. Comfortable and soft, pillows like this make life so much more cooler. Oh and of course, use it on the airplane. Even though you’re deathfully afraid of dying. What are you going to do? When it’s time, it’s time. But in the meantime have a pillow break.

CD35 1 300x300 Car Air Travel Blue Neck Cushion Rest Pillow