Nov 12

alienxcandy Tribe High Performance In-Ear Headphones

Prepare to be amazed. Tribe, from alienxcandy will make you rethink audio excellence with its evolutionary sound quality.
Magnum-class drivers, for unrivaled low, medium, and high frequency performance. Magnetic chassis for magnetic-electric field enhanced sound textures translate to sounds that make even live audio more life-like.
In-house tests put the Tribe against the likes of Apple stock earbuds, Sennheiser CX 200’s, and Bose MIE2i’S. While the Bose earbuds tested ahead of the pack, the Tribe came in second ahead of the iPhone headphones and the CX 200’s.
Picture this. Lunch hour, it’s been a hectic morning. You put your head on your desk, and let Glenn Gould’s version of the Goldberg Variations restore your faith in humanity once again. Thanks to the alienxcandy Tribe in-ear headphones.
rp19 1 300x300 alienxcandy Tribe High Performance In Ear Headphones